Samsung Galaxy Z Flip gets the hands-on treatment in leaked video


If the rumors are to be believed, Samsung could be planning on launching two foldable phones this year. One of them is said to be the successor to last year’s Galaxy Fold, and the other will be the rumored Galaxy Z Flip, a clamshell-shaped phone that will unfold into a smartphone.

In a video shared on Twitter by leakster Ben Geskin, it seems that a hands-on video of the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip has made its way online. While we have seen renders of the device, this is the first time we’re seeing the phone in action. The phone itself when folded shut sports a square-ish kind of shape.

When unfolded, it resembles your typical candy bar-shaped smartphone, although we can’t tell if it’s the angles, but it seems like it could have a rather odd display aspect ratio. It is an interesting design, although it is slightly reminiscent of the Motorola Razr that recently went up for pre-order.

At this point in time, foldable phones have yet to be fully embraced so it’s actually good to see companies challenge the more smartphone-tablet hybrid design with phones like these. Whether or not it will be widely-accepted remains to be seen. The phone will most likely be announced at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event on the 11th of February where it will have a rumored retail price of $1,600.

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