POCO X2 will have insane charging speeds


When Pocophone launched the Pocophone F1, many called it the flagship killer. Not only did it sport flagship specs, but it came at a killer price that made it impossible to resist. The company is expected to follow up with a new smartphone next week in the POCO X2, and now we have more details about it.

According to a tweet by the company, the POCO X2 will feature 27W fast charging. Assuming that the company isn’t exaggerating its claims, the video in the tweet suggests that the phone will be able to go from 0% to 40% charged in as little as 25 minutes!

This is pretty crazy and pretty damn fast! That being said, 27W is fast compared to other fast charging phones in the market today, although it was back in 2019 that Vivo demonstrated a 120W fast-charging system that can fully recharge a 4,000mAh battery in 17 minutes. Granted this isn’t quite the same, but to get nearly 50% battery in under half an hour? That’s already pretty good.

The POCO X2 will also come with a 120Hz display, which till this date is still something of a rarity amongst smartphones. Unfortunately, it is rumored that it could come with a mid-range processor which is a bit disappointing, but no doubt that this will help keep prices down for those who’d rather not spend $1,000 on a brand new smartphone.

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