Motorola Razr pre-orders will finally start on January 26


Mark your calendar! Pre-orders for the much-anticipated Motorola Razr will start on January 26th.

If you’ve been following the Motorola Razr news, you’re probably well-aware that pre-orders were expected to kick off in December and the phone was initially expected to go on sale on January 7th. Due to overwhelming demand, Motorola decided to postpone the launch of the phone to ensure that it had enough inventory to go around for those who pre-order the phone.

The new January 26th pre-order date for the Motorola will be followed by a February 6th retail launch at Verizon, the exclusive launch partner for the phone. Those who want to pre-order the Motorola Razr will be able to do so through Verizon Wireless, Walmart, and Motorola.com. Motorola plans to launch the Razr in the UK, Canada and India later this year, but no details have yet been released regarding those markets.

The cheapest foldable

At launch, the Motorola Razr will be the cheapest foldable display smartphone to hit the market. The price tag of the Motorola Razr is set at $1,500, but buyers will be able to split that up into 24 payments of $62.49 if they purchase the phone through Verizon.

While $1,500 is roughly 50% more than what you’d pay for a flagship-ties smartphone, it’s significantly less than the $2,500 sticker price of the Huawei Mate X or the $2,000 Samsung is charging for the Galaxy Fold. 

Mid-range specs

The Motorola Razr may have a flagship price, but the phone’s specs are definitely mid-range. The main attraction here is the phone’s 6.18 inches AMOLED display which packs in 876 x 2142 pixels with a 21.5:9 aspect ratio, but on the inside, the phone is powered by a mid-range Snapdragon 710 from Qualcomm. It’s a respectable chipset that should provide decent battery life from the 2510 mAh battery cell.

The Motorola Razr will also feature 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, a 16MP IMX 519 main camera and an 8MP selfie camera located in the notch above the foldable-display.

Check out the Motorola Razr behind-the-scenes video for a closer look at the new smartphone.

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