Jan 9th, 2020

The problem with a lot of smartphones these days is its battery life, where sure, they have become better over the years. But the issue with lithium-ion is that over time, it starts losing its charge which means that after a year or so, your battery life will definitely not be where it used to be.

Compound this with the fact that batteries cannot be removed (at least not easily) means that users need to pay for expensive battery replacements or buy a new phone. Samsung is here to solve that problem as the company has quietly announced the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro.

This is by no means a flagship handset but one of its selling points is the fact that it has a removable battery. This means that if you have a spare battery, you can just swap it in and go about your day. Other specs and features include a rugged design that should allow the phone to take a beating, along with a 6.3-inch LCD display, an Exynos 9611 octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage.

It is also IP68 rated which means that in addition to it being rugged, it should also be able to withstand water and dust. The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro will be launching in Europe this February where it will be priced at €500. There was no mention if it would find its way stateside.

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