Jan 8th, 2020

Mobile gaming controllers aren’t new and there are a dime a dozen available in the market. The problem with such controllers is that sometimes they can be limited to certain devices due to the varying size and dimensions of our smartphones. Razer plans to solve that by announcing the Razer Kishi.

According to Razer, the Kishi is said to work with most Android devices along with iPhones, meaning that unless you sport some kind of weirdly-shaped Android device, we imagine that you should not have any issues using it with your phone. It plugs directly into your device via a USB-C connector.

By opting to use USB-C instead of Bluetooth, which is what most controllers use, it should in theory reduce the latency between your input and the game, thus improving the overall gaming experience. It also means that there will not be a need to charge the device or worry about it running out of battery.

This in turn solves the problem and some of the criticisms of Razer’s previously-launched gaming controller, the Junglecat. As for the controller itself, the layout is pretty standard with a D-pad and analog stick on one side, another analog stick and buttons on the other side.

Razer plans on selling the Kishi in the early part of 2020, but the company stopped short of actually mentioning how much it will cost. With the Junglecat being priced at $100, we imagine that the Kishi probably won’t stray too far from that pricepoint.

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