Amazfit announces ZenBuds, near weightless earphones that will help you sleep


Amazfit isn’t a name most people know despite them being a huge player in the fitness band world for many years. They build Xiaomi’s fitness bands and watch as well as working with other brands. In fact, they’ve shipped 100 million units since they’ve started. This is the first time they’re making an announcement in the US and they went big with a multitude of interesting products.

The newly announced Amazfit PowerBuds are solid fitness earbuds that feature magnetic removable ear hooks, heartbeat monitoring, and 8 hours of battery life at a compelling price of $99.90. However, that wasn’t the most interesting earbud announcement.

The Amazfit ZenBuds are designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up. Though they’re in-ears like most earbuds, they’re far smaller and weigh only 1.78 grams. This is three times lighter than the AirPods so they won’t cause discomfort in bed.

When you go to bed, you can turn on a variety of relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep. The earbuds track your sleep position and heart rate to determine when you’ve fallen asleep, in which case the sounds turn off. From there it tracks your sleep all night and generates a sleep report. Once it’s morning, they have an alarm clock that will ring in your ears and won’t disturb those around you. They can also be used for focus or relaxation without falling asleep.

On a single charge, the ZenBuds can do monitoring for 12 hours. If you keep the sleep sounds on full time and not have them turn off once you’re asleep, that drops down to 8 hours. The charging case can keep them going for eight nights of use.

The product is definitely intriguing, and if it works as advertised, it’ll be a huge help for those who have trouble sleeping. They’re launching sometime in 2020 with no specific launch date for $149.90.

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Amazfit’s true wireless PowerBuds stand out with clever design at under $100

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