Dec 18th, 2019

DXOMARK, the company that tests camera performance and gives it a score, has taken on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G. The standard Mate 30 Pro currently sits at the top of the scoreboard with a score of 121 (tied with the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro), but it looks like we have a new winner on our hands. The Mate 30 Pro 5G scored a whopping 123 points.

The funny thing is that the standard Mate 30 Pro and the 5G model have identical camera hardware. The two point differences comes down to software updates that Huawei has done since the launch of the regular device, meaning even the regular Mate 30 Pro would now score a 123 instead of a 121. It’s typical to see image quality improvements with software updates, but it has brought this device out of a tie for the lead into a clear victory.

The improvements are mainly in the portrait mode, video quality, night mode, and especially zoom. However there’s a slight decrease in ultrawide angle performance, as it’s now less wide thanks to better anti distortion software. Losing some width is definitely an annoyance, especially since Huawei’s ultrawide is already not as wide as the competition.

The end result is the best camera phone they have tested, and an amazing camera phone in general. It’s just a shame we can’t get it with the Play Store.


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