Google Stadia finally supports existing Chromecast Ultras


Google Stadia was billed as a service that rids you of the need for powerful hardware. Instead, Google servers will power the games and you can play them on any display. Whether it’s a TV, a computer, or even your phone, you can play your favorite games in 4K60 as long as you have a solid internet connection.

But as we all know, that’s not how it worked out. At launch, Stadia only worked on the included Chromecast Ultra. No other Chromecasts were supported so you’re stuck with one TV. If you wanted to play on a computer, you were limited to 1080p rather than the 4K60 you were paying for. And if you wanted to play on a phone, well you better have a supported Pixel phone. “Any display” really did turn out to be “just one, maybe two.”

Most of this is still true, but thankfully Google has officially fixed one of those issues. The company announced via Twitter that support for your existing Chromecast Ultra is now enabled, meaning you can play across multiple displays with ease. This does not include standard Chromecasts or those built into your TV or media box, though they may be supported in the future.

Stadia is still light on features and many of the promised features are still missing, but they will come with time. Until then, enjoy being able to use your Stadia service on more than one TV!

Dima Aryeh
A tech nerd from childhood, Dima also enjoys building and racing cars as well as photography and video games to pass the time.

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