Dec 12th, 2019

Back in September, there were reports that Pixel phones were affected by a weird lockscreen bug that would lock them out of their devices. Not only has the bug not been fixed, but now it seems that for whatever reason, it has spread to other phones where there are now reports of Sony and OnePlus phones being affected as well.

However, if there is some good news from this, it is that it is possible that the root cause of the problem might have been found. This is according to a fleet manager who is managing 25-35 units of the Seuic Cruise 1 on Android Pie, where after disabling safe boot on all devices, it was discovered that 2-3 units were affected by a null pointer exception.

They then dug further into the issue and found that the root cause of the problem could be the Synthetic Password Key blob, which could have been corrupted at some point in time causing the lockscreen bug that has resulted in users being locked out of their phones. That being said, a fix has yet to be released.

Google did acknowledge the problem back in September but fast forward to today, it seems that it hasn’t been addressed yet. Hopefully the company will have a fix soon.

Source: Android Police

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