Dec 6th, 2019

Google Stadia hasn’t exactly had the smoothest launch. The new game streaming service served up a lot of promises, such as 4K60 gaming with minimal input lag and gaming across all of your devices, but so far hasn’t fully delivered. The service launched without many of its promised features and has limitations like 1080p streaming on computers, mobile streaming limited to Pixel phones, and more. Plus there were the issues with fidelity, input lag, and a controller that cannot be disassembled.

Another major issue is that you have to buy games using your phone. You can’t buy games with an interface on the Stadia stream itself for whatever reason, so your controller is useless in purchasing games. You have to pull out your phone and find the game you want to buy before going back to the Stadia stream to play it.

But of course these issues and others like it are early adopter issues, and Google is constantly making improvements. The latest is that you can now buy games on the web. It’s still not as convenient (and logical) as buying directly from the controller, but it’s a step in the right direction. While Stadia is still incredibly early in its development and it’s hard to recommend to many people, we hope to see the service push forward and take on consoles throughout 2020.

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