Nov 21st, 2019

Man resorts to cutting up his controller due to Stadia launch frustrations. 

The Google Stadia launch has been a bit of a mess. Classic Google! Not only is the service missing a bunch of the features at launch, like achievements, Chromecast support other than the included one, 4K support on the PC, and a whole lot more, but people aren’t even getting their codes to use the device. They get the controller, but they can’t use it.

YouTube channel Gamers Nexus, known for its video son PCs and consumer electronics, decided to disassemble the Stadia controller like they do with many products. And it did not go well. There’s only one screw on the device, and it doesn’t seem to be doing much at all.

Other controllers are fairly simple to disassemble, and with the amount of abuse they face, it sometimes needs to be done. I had to repair my $150 Xbox One Elite controller when a button started sticking, and it came apart pretty easily. Plus batteries go bad, especially in sealed controllers like the DualShock 4. The Stadia controller required heating, massive prying, a broken screwdriver, and in the end cutting with a rotary tool.

As you can imagine, a rotary tool doesn’t leave much to reassemble. So consider the Stadia controller irreparable in case something goes wrong. But at least we can enjoy the carnage!

Source: Gamers Nexus

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