Google’s budget Pixel 3a hits an even lower $299 price tag


The Google Pixel 3a may be a budget phone, and some aspects of the device betray that, but it definitely punches above its class. The performance is pretty snappy and smooth despite the Snapdragon 670, and it features the same 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage of its bigger brother the Pixel 3. And best of all, you get that amazing Pixel camera that even features the new astrophotography feature introduced with the Pixel 4.

And of course you get glorious stock Android with the Pixel experience additions, three years of updates, and monthly security updates to keep things secure and spiffy. Most Android enthusiasts can agree that stock Android rocks.

Well you can pick up the already cheap smartphone for a whopping 25% off at just $299! All three colors are available for that price. And if you want to step up to the larger Pixel 3a XL, you’ll have to drop an extra $100. Though oddly the Purple-ish 3a XL is even cheaper at $379.99. Purple-ish is our favorite color anyway.

For the money, it’s hard to find such a bang for your buck device. Sure the hardware could be better, and the plastic body doesn’t feel particularly great. But the camera performance is sure to impress and still can’t be beat in low light by many flagships. Hit the links above or the button below to grab yours!

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