Google opens a new #DigitalGarage in Belfast UK


“Whether you want to grow your confidence, career or business, Google Digital Garage provides free training and tools to help you.”

Started in 2015, Google Digital Garage is a “Grow with Google” programme that provides free training and tools to help grow your career or business in the UK.

Since its inception, the Google Digital Garage has visited more than 500 locations across the UK, and trained more than 400,000 people. Absolutely anyone can attend for free and there are a whole host of courses available to boost your business or enhance your personal skills. A full comprehensive list can be found on Google’s Digital Garage website.

The majority of the courses are free, and approved by industry experts, top entrepreneurs and some of the world’s leading employers. So you can be sure you’re learning up-to-date, real-world, skills that help you reach your goal.

Google also deliver online and offline training in 53 countries and 27 languages across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, in partnership with national, regional and local governments as well as private sector businesses. In Europe digital workshops can be found under a few different monikers, so if you think you or your business might be able to benefit from free digital training from Google search for a course local to you and get started.


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