V-MODA announces M-200 reference headphones


V-MODA is well known for its high end headphones and colored sound. Though you’re getting exceptional and clear sound, it’s not really flat or accurate. No, it’s punchy and bassy and fun. Not distorted boosted bass, but the sharp punchy bass that you’d expect for the price point. The sound signature is so enjoyable!

However, it’s no good to people like producers, who need a flat and faithful audio reproduction to do their job. Many audiophiles also love this type of sound, so the newly announced V-MODA M-200 are for them. These headphones take everything great about the old M-100 model, like the rugged design, swappable and customizable plates, folding hinges, and Exoskeleton case, but change the sound signature and details for a different customer base.

The headphones stick to being wired, as wireless can’t provide the same quality and accuracy. The 50mm drivers have been tuned by Roland for faithful audio reproduction, netting them the Hi-Res certification. The memory foam earcups are bigger and now magnetic for long lasting comfort. The cable is also now balanced.

Yet you can still bling them out with custom laser engraved plates on the ear cups and take them with you in that awesome hard shell case. These are sure to appeal to a lot of audiophiles who want something durable and high quality that sounds just as good. They are available for pre-order today for $350 and will ship later this month.

Source: V-MODA

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