Apps can now offer to leave behind data when uninstalled from Android 10


When uninstalling an app from your Android phone, you’re getting rid of every bit of data the app has created. If you ever want to return to it, you have to begin anew (unless it has a built in backup system you previously used of course). While this is usually a good thing and you wouldn’t want uninstalled apps to leave behind data, sometimes it makes sense to have the option.

In Android 10, apps can now offer to leave the data behind. Currently only WhatsApp and ASR Voice Recorder can do this, but we expect more apps to take this approach. Uninstalling the app from the home screen or settings app will now open a window asking if you want to keep the app data, though by default it’ll wipe it. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to happen if you uninstall via the Play Store.

This could be useful for a few reasons. Maybe you plan to come back to the app, but you want it gone in the meantime. Maybe you only use it once in a while and don’t want it constantly running. Maybe you need to switch to a different app version. Use cases are limited, but the option sure is great.

Now Google just has to have support for this app data sync to your account so phone restores aren’t so… 2008.

Source: Android Police

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