Nov 5th, 2019

Xiaomi has shot to the top of DXOMARK’s charts with the introduction of the Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition. While the phone shares 99% of the features found in the $400 Mi CC9 Pro, the Premium Edition has more RAM, storage and an upgraded P9 lens which replaces the P8 lens found in the standard models of the phone. The upgrades cost

Thanks to the 108-megapixel main sensor and additional 4 cameras on the back, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Premium edition walked away with a DxOMark score of 128. According to the review, the phone’s cameras performed admirably in autofocus, texture-versus-noise, portrait shots, white balance and accurate color reproduction in low light. That being said, it does have its shortcomings which include limited dynamic range, a lack of sharpness in the edges of images and a purple cast in the sky.

While the Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition was given the full DxOMark review treatment, the standard Mi CC9 Pro does has not yet been reviewed. We’re interested to know if the upgraded P9 lens on the Premium Edition really makes much of a difference or if most people should stick to the basic Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro which would save them $100.

Source: DxOMark