Oct 30th, 2019

While the concept of being able to interact with our phones isn’t exactly new, it’s with the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL that we really started to see the technology take shape in the feature known as Motion Sense. If you were hoping that you would see more apps take advantage of the technology, you might have to wait.

This is because when Google was asked if they had plans to open up its Motion Sense API to third-party developers, Google said that they had no plans right now, but they will announce something should they change their mind. It is unclear why Google is keeping Motion Sense to themselves for now, but it is possible that due to regulatory issues, Google is keeping the leash extremely short while they figure things out.

Alternatively, Google might be still be exploring the full extent of Motion Sense before deciding whether or not it would be prudent to allow third-party developers access to it, lest some of them end up abusing the tech. That being said, it should be noted that there are a handful of third-party apps that already take advantage of the tech, but it is extremely small and limited.

For those wondering about Motion Sense, this is a feature in the Pixel 4 smartphones that rely on radar to sense motion. This was originally developed under Google’s Project Soli, so this is the first time we’re seeing it put to practical use.

Source: Android Police

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