Motorola’s foldable phone sounds like a novelty, but you should still be excited


Foldable phones have not gotten off to a very good start.

There is the Royale FlexPai which managed to nab the crown of being first, but after that, no one’s really heard much about it. Then there is the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was delayed for months, but even after its launch, reviews of the phone have been a mixed bag. Then there is also the Huawei Mate X which finally got an official launch date, so the jury’s still out on that.

Hands-on with the updated Samsung Galaxy Fold: still not convinced

But come November, it seems that Motorola could be tossing their hat in the ring with a new take on their classic Motorola Razr phone, and you know what, we’re pretty psyched about it.

So far, the approach to foldable phones has been to turn smartphones into tablet hybrids. It is the most obvious approach and one we cannot fault, but given that this is a relatively new product category, why not go a little crazy and think outside the box? That’s what we’re hoping Motorola could be bringing to the table.

For those unfamiliar, the Motorola Razr was originally designed as a flip phone, where it earned cult status thanks to its slim design and the use of premium materials, which was quite rare at that point in time. Based on all the rumors and patents we’ve seen, it seems that Motorola could be sticking to that design, but will be putting a single display on the inside which folds in half, allowing users to decrease the size of their phone and easily stow it away in a pocket or purse.

While the approach of other companies is to make phones go from big to bigger, Motorola’s approach could be to make phones even smaller, and only bigger when we truly need the real estate. If anything, this feels more novel than practical, but it is a good way to show off the potentially different applications of foldable display technology. This approach used foldable display technology is a more subtle way, which we honestly think is a good thing. For far too long, smartphones have been bold and obnoxious. The new foldable Motorola RAZR would be moving in the opposite direction, delivering a more elegant device than what we’ve all become used to.

Considering that we have been so used to the candybar design for the past decade or so, maybe novelty and a bit of elegance is what the market needs right now, so color us pretty freaking excited.


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