Call of Duty: Mobile is now available for Android


For the past several years, Activision has been consistently releasing new Call of Duty games. Given how big the franchise is, it’s not surprising that the company would want to milk it for all its worth. More recently, we heard that Call of Duty would also be launching for mobile devices, giving gamers a chance to play Call of Duty while on the go.

If this sounds like a game you might be interested in checking out, you’ll be pleased to learn that Call of Duty: Mobile has been officially announced and is now available for download via the Google Play Store. This version of Call of Duty is not a port of the PC/console version of the game, but rather this is a version of the game that was created specifically for mobile devices.

There will be many maps for players to choose from, some of which might be familiar if you’ve played the franchise before. There will also be a 100 player Battle Royale battleground feature, team deathmatches, and even a Zombie mode, just to name a few. The game will be free to download but as expected, there will be the introduction of microtransactions.

So far it seems that the game has been off to a good start where according to the data from Sensor Tower, they claim that Call of Duty: Mobile has managed to rack up $2 million in revenue from in-game purchases since it was released a few days ago.

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