OnePlus confirms the OnePlus 7T will run Android 10 out of the box


While Android is a fantastic operating system, the problem is that the update schedule varies wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer. This means that one phone could receive the latest update next week, while another handset will receive the update next year. This also varies to newly-launched devices, where despite them being new, they can still come with an older build of Android.

Thankfully though, if you have been eyeing the OnePlus 7T, you’ll be pleased to learn that OnePlus has confirmed on Twitter that the handset will be launching with Android 10 out of the box. In case you didn’t know, Android 10 is the latest version of Android and was released for the Pixel phones not too long ago.

The fact that the OnePlus 7T will come with it right out the box means that owners of the device won’t have to worry about waiting too long before they’ll be able to experience the latest features that Android has to offer. OnePlus has actually been pretty good with their update schedules where just a couple of days ago, they started pushing out the Android 10 update to the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro.

OnePlus is not alone in pushing out the updates in a timely manner as the Essential Phone was actually the first non-Pixel smartphone to receive the update. Handset makers have over the years improved their release schedules, although it is still very much a mixed bag.

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