Aug 24th, 2019

Building a smart house isn’t cheap, nor is it easy. With so many devices across so many manufacturers, getting everything working together can be a challenge (especially when your devices need special hubs). Luckily, you can save some major money on some smart plugs today.

Gosund makes smart plugs with a few unique features. The wide and short shape means you can fit two on one outlet, which is something some competitors can’t do. They also support up to 16 amps/2000 watts, meaning they can drive many appliances. And best of all, they’re compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The setup process isn’t quite as streamlined as other products, but it’s relatively painless with the companies app. From there you can set schedules and such, but in the Google Home app you can connect them to your account and control them with your voice like any other switch or light.

The Gosund smart outlets are $26.99 for a two pack, which is already a good price, but you can get them half off with code “GKOQOTTJ” at checkout! This knocks them down to $13.49, or under $7 per smart plug. The deal is running until the end of the month so pick yours up soon!

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