Amazing Windows 10 sale offers license code for $13 from SCDKey


Thanks to a great sale from SCDKey and an exclusive coupon you can now pick up a Microsoft Windows 10 Pro license key for as little as $13.68. Using promo code SKpha at checkout will get you an additional 18% off the already discounted prices on license keys for Office 2016 Professional (32.87) and even a Windows 10 + Office combo which can be purchased for as little as $35.66! Check out the full list of details below.

Promo code: SKpha (valid for 18 discount)

Windows 10 & Android

While Android and Windows have never really meshed well, Microsoft has been going out of its way to make its computer operating system a lot more friendly with Google’s mobile OS. New updates to Windows 10 now allow users to receive notifications form their Android device on their Windows 10 device, reply to text messages and Microsoft has even promised that they’ll soon able to initiate or answer calls from their computer as well.

What’s more surprising is that Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella actually made a surprise appearance during the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch event as part of Samsung and Microsoft’s new collaboration announcement which puts more Microsoft software directly onto Samsung’s new flagship device, allowing the phone’s Dex desktop mode to operate when connected to a Windows computer, giving you easy access to Android apps directly on Windows.

Android and Windows still have a few issues to work out, but it’s easy to see why the two operating systems are currently the best combination option if you still need to live with a computer and mobile device.

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