Pixel phones will soon be able to talk to emergency services on your behalf


Some of you might recall that it wasn’t too long ago that Google unveiled its Duplex AI platform in which it is smart and natural sounding enough to make reservations for the user. It looks like Google could be sort of expanding on it with Pixel phones and select Android handsets through an update to the Phone app.

Instead of dinner reservations, this new feature is aimed more towards emergency services, where you might need to make a call to the police, fire department, or call for medical assistance. Through this feature, it will allow your Pixel phone to “speak” on your behalf in the event that you can’t. According to Google:

“Tapping on the “Medical,” “Fire” or “Police” buttons during an emergency call will convey the type of emergency to the operator through an automated voice service. That service works on device, which means the information stays between you and emergency services, and the service functions whether or not you have a data connection. After you activate the service, you can always speak directly to the operator as well.”

Google is currently working with the National Emergency Number Association to try and improve on the feature as much as possible ahead of its rollout. It is expected to eventually be made available to Pixel phones in the coming months, so keep an eye out for it if you think that this could be a useful feature to have on your phone.

Source: Google

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