Google Fit is getting sleep tracking, the coveted dark theme


Dark mode is all the rage, and why wouldn’t it be? Android used to be dark back in the Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich days, and it was easy on the eyes and battery life. Now every app is bright, eye searing white and a lot of people aren’t happy about it.

Google apps have slowly been receiving updates to get dark mode and Google Fit is the latest. The company announced that the fitness app will be getting a dark mode in the next week.

To coincide with the long overdue dark theme, Google is also adding sleep tracking. This comes in the form of integration with various sleep apps, which do the heavy lifting. Google Fit will display the data from those apps as it does with other imported fitness data.

Google Fit remains a very barebones, lightweight fitness app and this doesn’t change with the integration of sleep tracking apps. If you want the very basics, Fit has it. if you want something more, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Nonetheless it’s nice to see Google adding features to the app.

This update will be rolling out over the next week so be on the lookout for the dark theme in the settings!

Source: Google Blog

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