MediaTek’s latest chipsets have been designed with gaming in mind


If you thought that gaming smartphones are unnecessary, we can see your point. For the most part, a lot of them tend to rely on similar hardware as flagship phones, so there really isn’t too much difference that separates them from the rest. That’s something that MediaTek could change in the future.

The company has recently taken the wraps off its latest chipset in the form of the Helio G90. These are a new series of chipsets that have been built for gaming in mind. The G90 series includes the G90 and the G90T, both of which are octa-core chipsets that feature a combination of the Cortex-A76 clocked at 2.05GHz, and also the Cortex-A55 which will be used for lighter tasks.

The chipsets will also come with the Mali G76 GPU on board and will support up to 10GB of LPDDR4x memory. According to MediaTek, the chipsets are also expected to make sure of the HyperEngine tech that is supposed to cut back on things like lag. It will also be capable of maintaining two WiFi connections on different bands at once, ensuring that if one drops, there will be the second as a backup.

MediaTek’s chipsets have typically found their way into budget handsets, which means if that the company were to continue with this trend, we could see budget smartphones designed for gaming in the future. It could also solve issues like game compatibility, where games such as Fortnite or PUBG aren’t playable on all Android handsets.

So far there is no mention of which handsets might be packing the new G90 or G90T, but we’ll keep an eye out for it.

Source: Engadget

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