Jul 30th, 2019

These days TVs are no longer just devices to watch shows on. These days, TVs have gotten a lot smarter where they can do more than playback videos. They can be used to surf the web, play games, use apps, and more. If you’re looking to give your old TV an upgrade, Sony has a bunch of options that could be worth checking out.

These smart TVs are all powered by Android TV and are also Alexa compatible. This means that not only will you have access to Android TV apps and games, but the Alexa compatibility means that it will play nicely with Amazon’s Echo speakers and other Alexa-compatible gadgets and services at home.

These TVs range from as small as 55-inches and will go up to 75-inches if you have the space for it. They will also offer up 4K resolution and will all use LED panels, so what you see on the screen should be crisp with rich and deep colors.

Some of the savings on these TVs are pretty impressive where you can save as much as $500, so if you are shopping for a new TV, these could be worth your consideration. You will also want to hurry while the sales last.

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