Jul 26th, 2019

The smart home has exploded in popularity, and I’m sure most of us are running at least one smart light. The convenience of telling your Google Home to turn your light on and off without getting up is unrivaled, and the added control of brightness, warmth, and color is incredibly useful.

That also means we’re used to hearing Google chatter on, repeating exactly what you asked of it to make sure you know it’s been done. You know, even though the lights turning off was enough proof for us. Thankfully Google has finally changed this.

The new behavior occurs when you’re controlling the lights in the room you’re in. Instead of a long winded phrase, all you’ll hear is a chime. The tone is different between on and off, which is nice. This also applies to smart outlets named as lights or lamps.

If the light you’re controlling is in another room, you’ll still get confirmation that the action has been done. Good job Google, this is really well thought out!

This update to the Google Home is now rolling out to everyone, and I’ve already grown to love it. The lack of talking at night is a blessing. Give it a shot and let us know if you’ve received the new functionality!

Source: Google Support

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