Alexa version of Moto G7 drops down to mere $199.99


The Moto G7 is a solid budget device, touting a lot of features that are reserved for more expensive phones. The premium feeling glass back design, the teardrop notch, the rounded bezel design, speedy performance, dual cameras, Moto’s own software additions; there’s a lot to love about the G7.

At $299.99, it’s a pretty good buy. There’s also a version with Alexa built in, allowing you to say “Alexa” or double tap the power button to activate Amazon’s virtual assistant. It’s a nice feature and many people will want to get it if they’re deep in the Amazon ecosystem.

However, for Prime Day, Amazon has cut the price of this Alexa-enabled version by a whole $100. You can now grab the device for a mere $199.99, an absolute steal for a competent budget device with relatively good performance and hardware.

Check out our review for the full details on the device and head over to Amazon to pick yours up! Whether it’s a backup device or a good phone for a family member, you can’t go wrong with the G7.

Dima Aryeh
A tech nerd from childhood, Dima also enjoys building and racing cars as well as photography and video games to pass the time.

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