Google Pixel 4 could come with a 16MP telephoto lens


Perhaps getting sick of the leaks and rumors, last month Google released official renders of the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone. One of the main changes to the Pixel’s design was how it would feature a square camera module on the back of the phone which housed two cameras and a flash unit.

This would be a first for Google in the sense that it would be their first smartphone that adopted a dual lens design, and now thanks to an APK teardown of the Google Camera app, it has been discovered that one of the cameras could have a 16MP telephoto lens. This shouldn’t really be too surprising really, because for the most part, a lot of the dual or triple camera modules we’ve seen have largely relied on telephoto and ultrawide lens combos.

While the second camera’s specs weren’t revealed yet, as we said, it’s probably a safe assumption to make that it could be an ultrawide lens. It will be interesting to see how big of an improvement we can expect to see from the new cameras. In previous Pixel phones, Google has relied heavily on software and AI to try and achieve the effects that a dual camera smartphone could achieve using a single lens, although admittedly to great effect.

Now that the Pixel 4 is expected to offer up dual lenses, we imagine that the end results, at least in theory, should be better. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves once the phone has been launched, which last we heard could possibly be taking place mid-October.

Source: XDA Developers

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