Jun 27th, 2019

According to 5G speed tests, the tech really does deliver as promised in terms of speed. That’s well and good, but it seems that with internet speeds being faster, a new problem has been discovered, and that is maybe our current data plans simply aren’t enough to keep up with the speeds that 5G has to offer.

This was discovered during a series of tests conducted by CNET’s Daniel Van Boom where he published a report in which he tested out 5G internet speeds over in Australia. According to Van Boom, part of his test involved downloading PUBG on his phone in which in less than a minute, a 2.04GB game was downloaded onto his phone and was ready to play.

Unfortunately, it seems that with faster internet speeds comes higher data usage and following the download on PUBG and a couple of Netflix movies, he got a text from local carrier Telstra  who warned him that he had burned through 50% of his 20GB data allowance. It should be noted at this point that Telstra had provided Van Boom with a brand new SIM card to test 5G on, so it’s not as if the data was carried over from before.

This means that in theory, in an hour he would have easily burned through his entire data allowance. This is not the first time we’re hearing about 5G burning through data caps. Last month, the BBC held its first broadcast using 5G and almost immediately, hit their data cap.

Perhaps it’s time for carriers to start coming up with data plans that will allow customers to comfortably use 5G without worrying about hitting their data cap so quickly.

Source: CNET

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