Google to add palm reject to the Pixel’s Ambient Display


Always-on displays are useful because it can show users at a glance notifications and other kinds of information without having to fully turn on their display. Google’s Pixel smartphones have a similar feature called Ambient Display, and while many do find the feature useful, some users are finding it a bit too sensitive.

For example, some users have their phones in their pocket and when they reach into their pockets to take it out, they will accidentally touch the display which would then dismiss Ambient Display and will fully light up their display instead. This kind of negates the point of having Ambient Display, especially if you are using it to conserve your battery.

The good news is that Google has heard your complaints and has confirmed that palm rejection will be introduced in a future update. This is according to a Googler who wrote a comment in response to a user requesting the feature on the Issue Tracker website, where they confirmed that the feature will be coming in later releases.

Unfortunately, there is no word on when exactly it will be released. It is possible that it might end up being part of the Android Q update, or it could be part of Google’s monthly security Android updates, but regardless, it’s good to know that Google is taking user feedback seriously and are adding features that improve on the overall user experience.

Source: XDA Developers

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