Jun 13th, 2019

You would think that with all the bad press that Huawei is getting these days that they might want to do everything in their power to keep their existing customers happy. Unfortunately, Huawei seems to be doing the opposite because according to a report from Android Police, the company has gone and ticked off some of its customers by inserting ads into its lock screen.

While we get that ads have a time and place, we’re sure that many would agree that ads on your phone’s lock screen, especially a device that you paid full price for, is simply out of the question (unless it’s a heavily subsidized device from Amazon). It is unclear why these ads have suddenly started to appear, but users are reporting that they are starting to see ads from Booking.com across a variety of Huawei phones, such as the P30 Pro, P20, P20 Lite, Honor 10, and P20 Pro.

The ads also don’t seem to be region-specific as users from all parts of the world are seeing them. Thankfully, these ads can be removed and all you need to do to stop these ads from displaying is by not using the built-in magazine background images. This will require you to manually change your phone’s wallpaper and you will also lose the rotating wallpaper functionality, so there’s that.

Neither Huawei nor Booking.com have commented on why these ads have started to appear, but as we said, the suddenness and intrusiveness of these ads are certainly not doing Huawei any favors.

Source: Android Police

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