Xiaomi Mi Band 4 officially announced for $25


There are plenty of smartwatches and fitness trackers in the market today, so much so that customers have become spoilt for choice. But if you’d rather not spend too much money on a fitness tracker that you want to use just to log your daily steps and runs, Xiaomi’s newly-announced Mi Band 4 might be of interest to you.

The company had promised earlier this year that the Mi Band 4 would be launching in 2019, and sure enough, it has. One of the big differences of the Mi Band 4 over its predecessors is the introduction of a color display. Previous Mi Band devices, not counting the first-generation, all utilized a monochromatic display, so if you thought that a color display would be nice, Xiaomi has delivered.

In addition to the color display, Xiaomi has also bumped up the size of the screen from 0.78-inches to 0.95-inches. There is also the introduction of a 6-axis accelerometer that will allow the tracker to track more types of activities, such as cycling, swimming, and more. Apart from that, the device will continue to maintain its 50m water-resistance, heart -rate sensor, and 20-day battery life, which thankfully (on paper) does not take a hit with the use of a color display.

The best part is that with all these new features, the tracker is still very cheap with the standard model priced starting at $25, while the NFC-enabled version will retail for $35.

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