Jun 7th, 2019

More details regarding Stadia were revealed this week, finally revealing pricing information and what gamers can expect from the new platform. While Stadia works fundamentally different than traditional gaming consoles and computers since it streams games from Stadia servers in the could to your TV, phone or computer via the Stadia controller, Google is sticking to the traditional pricing structure that most gamers are familiar with.

The monthly Stadia Pro subscription service will cost $10/month, delivering 4K gaming at 60fps, 5.1 surround sound, along with access to a catalog of older gaming titles. New games purchases will be à la carte, but Google has not shared how much you’ll be expected to pay per title.

Stadia Base will not require a monthly subscription fee, allowing users to simply purchase the games they want and stream at 1080p.

As for the hardware needed, gamers will be required to purchase the Stadia Controller which costs $69.99 which can be used to stream your gaming session on your Pixel smartphone or computer. Those who want to use Stadia on their TV will need to own a Chromecast Ultra which typically costs $69 as well.

Google didn’t give us an exact launch date for Stadia, but they did promise the service would be going live sometime in November, just in time for the holiday shopping season.


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