Google teases Stadia pricing and games announcement coming June 6


Back in March, Google announced Stadia, their upcoming game streaming service but unfortunately, back then the company did not detail the games that would be available on the platform nor how much the service would cost. The good news for those anticipating the upcoming service, it seems that all the details will be revealed in the coming days.

Google has announced that they will be hosting their first ever “Stadia Connect” event on the 6th of June, where the company will be announcing the games that will be playable through the platform and also how much the service is expected to cost. Many are no doubt curious about the latter, and whether or not it will be a subscription service where gamers pay a monthly fee and can access unlimited titles, or if it will be a per-title basis.

The subscription model seems to be particularly popular these days as it does provide a more steady stream of revenue versus ala carte purchases. In fact, Apple has announced their own game subscription service in the form of Apple Arcade, although those are not streaming-based titles.

Even Microsoft is getting in on the game streaming with its Project xCloud. Either way, we should have more details come 6th of June, so do check back with us then ife you’d like to find out more about Google Stadia, but so far our initial impressions of the service have been pretty good.

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