DEAL: SteelSeries Stratus Duo wireless gaming controller is enjoying a 20% discount


Let’s face it, while on-screen controls for mobile gaming work, they are usually less than ideal for certain types of games. This is due to the lack of tactile feedback which can feel a bit strange. If you’re a gamer who loves playing fighting games or just believes in tactile controls, you’re in luck.

This is because SteelSeries has recently discounted its Stratus Duo wireless gaming controller by 20%, bringing down its regular asking price of $60 to $48, saving gamers $12 in the process. The Stratus Duo is a wireless controller which means that it should be compatible with a variety of devices as long as it has Bluetooth, which includes your computer, VR headsets, and also Android handsets.

The controller will come with a D-pad and also two analog sticks and four buttons. All gamers need to do is pair it with their Android devices and they’ll be good to go. SteelSeries is also boasting how the controller is “Fortnite-ready”, so if you want to take your Fortnite games to the next level, this could be worth checking out.

The controller also features a rechargeable battery which will be good for about 20+ hours of gaming before needing a recharge.

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