Samsung Galaxy Note rumor puts the headphone jack in limbo


For the longest time, Samsung has preserved the headphone jack while other OEMs moved away from the 3.5mm jack to recover what was claimed as precious space. It seems that things are about to change with the Galaxy Note 10, which is expected to be released later this year.

According to Android Police, who cite sources familiar with Samsung’s plans, the company is doing away with the headphone jack on the Note 10 and will even take it a step further by removing the physical keys that control the power and volume. The removal of any physical button has been rumored for a while, but it seems the company is finally ready to make the bold move. The Bixby button, power button, and volume buttons are expected to be replaced with capacitive or pressure-sensitive areas. The source claims that these changes are expected on the Note 10 but there’s no indication as of yet if these changes will be carried on to the Galaxy S11.

The Samsung Galaxy range is one of the few flagships left that feature a headphone jack so no doubt its removal will anger some that have gravitated towards the company’s handsets because of the 3.5mm jack. Samsung could argue, as many other OEM’s also claim, that the removal of the jack creates additional room for a bigger battery and would also improve the water resistance of the device with one less hole, despite already being IP68 rated.

The move to removing any sign of physical buttons seems like an odd one but would make the chassis more durable with fewer cuts in the frame. It would also be a notable design change that could tempt people to upgrade their handsets.

Is the lack of a headphone jack a deal-breaker for you? Drop us a comment below.

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