Huawei once again working with SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, and JEDEC


Huawei hasn’t managed to catch many breaks in the last few weeks. Thanks to a ruling by the US Commerce Department, the Chinese brand has had countless American firms cut all dealings with them. This included Google with their Android services along with brands you wouldn’t expect like the SD Association and the Wi-Fi Alliance.

If you want a detailed rundown of Huawei’s situation, head over to our recap article to read everything we know so far. But Huawei is finally getting a bit of leeway. Thanks to the 90 day reprieve from the ban, Google reinstated Huawei’s Play Store license and allowed them to support and update existing devices, at least for the time being. And now, other companies have done the same. The SD Association, the Wi-Fi Allience, and JEDEC have joined Google in once again working with the company.

The first two are obvious; they provide the specifications and licensing for Wi-Fi and SD storage technology for all brands. JEDEC however is an organization that standardizes and licenses out tech like RAM. All of these companies control vital parts of all smartphones, including those of Huawei.

The ban could come back once the 90 days are up, but chances are that Huawei and the US government will work something out (to the government’s benefit) to keep this from happening again. For now, Huawei can plan for the future and hopefully set aside their plan-B.

Via: Android Police

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