Sony’s first foldable smartphone could arrive in 2020


Sony used to be quite a big player in the smartphone industry back in the early days. The company’s Xperia Z was one of the better-designed smartphones in the market at that time, but in recent years, the company has started to play a much smaller role than they did before.

For fans of Sony’s products, there is some hope for the company’s future. In a report from MySmartPrice, it has been rumored that Sony might be planning to get in on the foldable smartphone game and could have such a device launched in 2020 under the Xperia F family of handsets.

The report claims that Sony will be using Samsung’s flexible OLEDs to make its phone and that it will be maintaining the same 21:9 aspect ratio as the Sony Xperia 1. If true, it would indicate that Sony isn’t quite ready to call it quits yet. It would also make Sony one of the few companies to launch a foldable smartphone.

At the moment, only Samsung and Huawei have concrete products that they plan to launch this year. Other smartphone makers don’t seem to be particularly eager to hop on board that bandwagon, such as OnePlus and LG, both of whom appear to still be waiting to see how the market reacts before committing resources to it.

In the meantime, Motorola has also been tipped to launch a foldable phone of their own which is said to be based on their iconic Razr clamshell design.

Source: MySmartPrice

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