OnePlus 7 Pro cameras used for cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine


When one thinks of magazine shoots, you might think of high-end professional studio equipment such as DSLR cameras. That is more or less the industry standard, but it appears that in a bid to promote their upcoming smartphone, OnePlus has lent their OnePlus 7 Pro to the folks at Harper’s Bazaar India which was then used to shoot the cover of the latest issue of the magazine.

In an issue that advocates for body positivity, Harper’s Bazaar India tweeted that the photos taken were not filtered and were not digitally altered, suggesting that what we see could be straight out of camera. If that is the case, then color us impressed because had it not been mentioned, we would have assumed it was taken with a professional-grade camera.

If anything, this serves to highlight how much more capable our smartphone cameras are these days, where with the use of software and clever AI, it can replicate certain features that would have otherwise required a high-end DSLR and an expensive lens to go with it. In the photo shared by the magazine of actor Jameela Jamil, the colors are bright and vivid and there is also a nice separation between the background and foreground

We’ll definitely need to get our hands on the smartphone once it launches in the next couple of weeks, so do check back with us then if you’d like a more detailed review. In the meantime, what do you make of the photo? Are you excited for the OnePlus 7 Pro yet?

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