May 2nd, 2019

Getting a good deal on a Quick Charge or Power Delivery plug for your smartphone or laptop is pretty easy, but it’s not often that you can find a great power strip with built-in USB ports at a decent price. Fortunately, we’ve spotted an incredible deal on the AUKEY PowerHub XL which features a cylindrical design which includes a total of 12 AC power outlets and 6 USB ports. Typically, the PowerHub XL goes for $49.99, but AUKEY’s slashed the price to $35.99 and has thrown in an extra 5% off coupon which brings the final price to $34.19.

AUKEY’s full product lineup

As with all of AUKEY’s products, you’ll get a 45-day money-back guarantee and a product replacement warranty which lasts 24 months. But based on the reviews of the AUKEY PowerHub XL (which has a 4.5-star rating), you’ll likely not need either.

While there’s a lot to like about AUKEY’s power strip, we especially like the extra spacing between the AC outlets which should give you plenty of room when plugging in multiple power bricks. The PowerHub XL also has an integrated surge protector with a 1,500-joule energy rating and a power and LED indicator which is conveniently placed right on top for easy access.


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