Samsung to pack a 4500mAh battery in the Galaxy Note 10 Pro


According to a new leak, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro will have its battery bumped to 4500mAh, an increase of 500mAh over its Note 9 predecessor.

The 4500mAh capacity of the Note 10 Pro would also put it on par with the 5G variant of the Galaxy S10 and since this would be the 4G version of the Note 10, a device supporting the new faster cellular connectivity would see an even larger battery.

The 4G variant of the Note 10 Pro is set to carry the model number SM-N975, which saw the cellular chip in the device pass-through certification by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology on Saturday. This chip carried the model number EB-BN975ABU, which aligns to the 4G variant of the Note 10 Pro.

You’re probably wondering what the “Pro” is all about? Samsung is said to be working on four (yes four!) versions of the Note 10 – two supporting 4G, and two 5G. The Pro designation is used to distinguish between two screen sizes Samsung is expected to offer. The screen size of the Note 10 is expected to be 6.28-inches with the Note 10 Pro topping out at 6.75-inches. Each version will then have an accompanying 4G and 5G supported model, and you can expect that 5G Note 10 Pro to be pretty pricey.

Samsung is expected to launch the Note 10 series in August.

Via: SamMobile

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