Top 5 accessories for the Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite


So you just picked up a new Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite. We said that it’s the best Android tablet in its class, and you can pick one up for only $299.99 on Amazon. It’s a great piece of tech on its own, but here are some great accessories to take your tablet experience to the next level, whether it’s the M5 Lite or any other tablet.


Every media consumption device (which tablets very much are) should have a headphone jack, and thankfully the M5 Lite does. The M5 Pro however does not.

If you want to take advantage of that headphone jack, there are plenty of options. With in-ears, you can’t go wrong with Bose Soundsports. They lack bass, but they’re ridiculously comfortable and sound pretty good. For over-ear style headphones, I always recommend the V-MODA Crossfade M-100. They’re bassy and punchy but still offer amazing clarity and balance. They’re not audiophile tuned, but they’re tons of fun.

If you want to go wireless (and you probably do, who wants a cable resting on their arm and chest?), check out Samsung Galaxy Buds. We reviewed them and loved them, and they’re perfect for your smartphone on the go. Anker’s offering is cheaper at $60 if you want to save money, and the Master & Dynamic MW60 are for those who want to go all out.

Wireless keyboards

A tablet is a perfect work machine, with a large display, great battery life, and light weight. All it’s missing is an input method that isn’t pure torture. Yes, on-screen tablet keyboards are not bad for the short messages and search terms, but try typing an essay on one. It’s painful.

Luckily, there is a slew of wireless keyboards on the market to address this. You can’t go wrong with a Logitech, the K380 is nice and simple while the K480 adds a stand for your tablet or smartphone. Both can be had for under $30 so it’s an awesome choice without a major investment.

There are tons of other options so check out what Amazon has to offer.


Tablets are thin and fragile, just a sheet of glass and a bit of aluminum, so getting a case on them when you travel is important. Plus a tablet can be unwieldy, and many cases offer ways to prop up the tablet at a nice viewing angle. This is great both for productivity and media consumption, as you don’t have to hold the tablet in place at all times.

The MediaPad M5 Lite isn’t a particularly high profile device, so finding a case for it isn’t as easy as, for example, an iPad. But there are a few seemingly solid options out there. This flip cover has two positions, a magnet to wake the device when opened, and is only $15. This one is even cheaper at $9.

There are some good options so check Amazon for your favorite.


A controller is a great way to get more out of your tablet gaming experience, especially with a 10-inch display stretching touchscreen controls out. Here are our top five mobile-compatible controllers on the market right now. 

SD cards

The MediaPad M5 Lite only comes with 32GB of storage on the base models, which isn’t much if you’re traveling with a ton of media. Luckily it also comes with a microSD slot (not the new proprietary Huawei card) that allows you to expand your storage by quite a bit.

You can’t go wrong with a SanDisk Ultra microSD card, and with 64GB being only $12, it’s hard to justify getting anything smaller. You can also pick up a Samsung (if you want to be rebellious like that) and max out the slot’s capacity limit with a 256GB card for $40. Unfortunately a 512GB card won’t work in this tablet, but almost 300GB should be plenty for all of your favorite content.

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