Apr 25th, 2019

Losing a prototype device is never fun. A prototype in someone else’s hands is the mother of all leaks, providing pretty much any and all information on said product. Not that we need more leaks, as no product is ever a secret these days. But the topic always calls back to the lost iPhone 4 prototype that had people going wild.

An Honor employee has unfortunately lost a prototype device belonging to the brand on a train in Germany. The German arm of the brand posted this message (translated to English):

“On Easter Monday, April 22, 2019, an Honor employee lost an Honor smartphone prototype while traveling on Deutsche Bahn Intercity-Express trip #1125 from Düsseldorf (at 6:06 a.m.) to Munich (at 11:08 a.m.). The prototype is in a gray protective case which conspicuously disguises the camera with a cover.”

The reward to anyone who finds it is a whopping 5,000 euro, which is nothing to scoff at. Since prototype devices often use special hardware that differs from the final product, it’s likely very valuable to Honor. Considering that the next device to launch is the Honor 20 next month, this may be the device that was lost.

If you happen to find it, tweet or email the brand for your reward. It’s been a few days and the device hasn’t been found so presumably it’s still out there in the wild.

Source: @HonorGermany
Via: Android Police

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