Apr 11th, 2019

Anyone looking to upgrade their home WiFi network should consider buying Google WiFi. Unlike most routers, Google WiFi is built with mesh network technology which allows you to connect multiple routers together to create one seamless network to blanket your entire house and eliminate dead spots.

While Google WiFi typically costs $129 for a single unit, a price cut has reduced that price to just $99. If you’re looking to take advantage of Google WiFi’s mesh network features, you can also pick up a 3-pack for $245 — a good $55 less than its usual price.

The main benefit of Google WiFi is better coverage for your entire house, but the router also comes with quite a few features which will allow you to easily manage your network from the Google WiFi app. With just a few taps, you’ll be able to set blackout schedules for specific devices, pause the internet on specific devices, block thousands of adult websites and more. And to top things off, Google WiFi constantly analyzed the devices connected to it and automatically switches network bands for each device to prioritize speed based on band congestion, the device’s location and internal WiFi chip.

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