Apr 10th, 2019

When we think of brand loyalty to smartphones, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Apple customers are probably some of the most loyal, where despite the price hikes and being slow to adopt new features and technology, customers are still flocking to them and choosing to upgrade their iPhones every year.

In the case of Samsung, a recent study conducted by Counterpoint Research has suggested that the company could actually be slowly bleeding customers to other brands such as Google and OnePlus. According to the study, they found that 51% of Google Pixel 3 buyers actually switched over from a Samsung device and that 37% of OnePlus 6T customers had come over from a Samsung handset.

This is versus switchers from Apple’s iOS platform where 18% switched to the Google Pixel 3 and 16% switched to the OnePlus 6T. This isn’t to say that Samsung makes bad phones, but rather according to the study, they found that pricing was one of the reasons why Samsung customers switched over to OnePlus.

The study also revealed that the software experience and timely updates were another reason customers jumped ship from Samsung to Google and OnePlus. That being said, Samsung is far from being in trouble as the company is still one of the largest smartphone vendors in the world, but if anything, this study does point out some of the areas that Samsung could probably look at and improve to help keep customers interested.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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