Apr 3rd, 2019

Nearly a year after Google announced that John Legend’s voice would be added to its Google Assistant, the feature is finally being rolled out. Simply say “Hey Google, talk like a Legend” to your Google Home device or the Google Assistant on your smartphone and the John Legend will magically start talking back to you. For those who would like to change the setting manually, you can do so by opening the Google Assistant app and going to  Settings > Assistant > Assistant voice.

Google was able to add the John Legend voice to the Google Assistant thanks to its WaveNet voice synthesis tech which was developers by DeepMind. While John Legend will be able to sing you Happy Birthday, answer general knowledge questions or respond when you ask the Assistant to play music, the default voice will be chiming in from time to time as well. We’re not sure how disjointed this experience will feel when you don’t know who will be responding to your query, but we’re sure that Google is likely working to improve things going forward.

Based on what we’ve heard, the John Legend voice is the first of many celebrity voices that will be added to the Google Assistant this year. If you could choose to have any celebrity talk to you through the Google Assistant, who would you choose?

Source: Google