Apr 3rd, 2019

Anyone who owns a new Pixel smartphone and has used Call Screen knows how satisfying it can be to asker a call from an unknown number using the feature. As we all know, spam calls are getting out of control, but the Call Screen feature on Google’s Pixel smartphones is a great way of dealing with them.

While the Call Screen feature is currently only available of Google Pixel smartphones, a recent update to the Google Phone app contains new code which shows that the company may soon be rolling the feature out to smartphone built by other manufacturers.



As you can see, the code clearly calls out Motorola and Nokia devices. But there’s a catch: the Google Phone app only works on Google supported devices which means the Call Screen feature will likely only make its way to Android One devices from the two OEMs. Motorola’s Android One lineup is pretty limited, but most new smartphones from Nokia are running Android One.

What we don’t know is when Google plans to enable to feature. We expect the company to make an official announcement during Google I/O which is scheduled for next month.

Would you be willing to buy a cheap Android One device from Nokia or Motorola to get the Call Screen feature so that you no longer need to answer spam calls?

Source: Reddit

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