Apr 1st, 2019

T-Mobile has been pushing the boundaries for the past few years and isn’t about to stand by and let AT&T’s new 5GE network pass them by. The company has just unveiled its innovative Phone BoothE technology which allows T-Mobile customers to make phone calls in silence, even when they’re in the middle of a crowded city!

As you might have expected, this is T-Mobile’s way of poking fun at AT&T 5GE for April Fools Day. John Legere really drived the point home, saying “You know it’s real because we tacked an E on the end og the name. Wow!”

While we’re likely not going to see the T-Mobile Phone BoothE scattered through cities anytime soon (or ever), it’s nice to see T-Mobile call out AT&T on its attempt to lure in new customers by changing the 4G icon to 5GE in areas which feature LTE advanced coverage. In our testing, AT&T’s 5GE service doesn’t even match download speeds offered by Verizon and T-Mobile.

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