Mar 28th, 2019

As far as the mainstream brands are concerned, only Samsung and Huawei have tossed their hats into the ring with regards to foldable smartphones. Other companies, such as LG and OnePlus, seem more than happy to sit by the sidelines and wait to see how the reception is for such devices before committing resources to them.

Xiaomi seems to be somewhere in the middle, where earlier this year the company actually showed off a foldable prototype. They later dashed our hopes when they said that they weren’t ready to make anything official, but it seems that the company is continuing to tease its foldable smartphone despite that.

In a video that was recently uploaded to Weibo, Xiaomi showed off its foldable smartphone once again. What makes Xiaomi’s smartphone different from the others is that it features dual folding edges, versus Samsung and Huawei which basically folds the phone into half. Xiaomi’s version allows it to be folded twice on each side of the phone.

Now some might be wondering if this could be a better idea than those put out by Samsung and Huawei, and it is a valid question. At the same time, foldable phones are still new which means that it could still take a few generations before the “perfect” form factor can be discovered, assuming that interest in such devices can last that long.

In any case, if you have a few seconds to spare, you can check out Xiaomi’s foldable phone in the video below.

Source: CNET

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